C-Sigma’s   expertise   cover   all   the   phases   required   for   the   development   of   new   products:   design,   prototyping,   testing, certification, ending with the definition and organization of parts manufacturing by qualified sub-contractors. Consultancy   services   are   provided   also   for   what   concerns   the   detailed   design,   analyses   (Worst   Case   Analysis,   Failure Mode   Effects   and   Criticality   Analysis,   Parts   Stress   Analysis),   and   elegant   breadboard   manufacturing   and   testing,   of controllers and switching mode power converters for space applications. Customers   include   ASP   Equipment ,   OHB ,   SITAEL ,   IRETH ,   C-MAC   Microtechnology    (whose   space   division   is   now   part   of   API Technologies). FACILITIES The facilities at C-Sigma include: An   electronic   laboratory   (Tektronix   and   Lecroy   oscilloscopes,   Tektronix   clip-on   current   probe,   function   generators, laboratory   power   supplies,   digital   multimeters,   portable   PC   with   data   acquisition   card   and   LabView,   infrared thermometer,   assorted   components,   soldering   station)   for   assembly   and   testing   of   EM   level   prototypes,   as   well   as Performance Check of the fully developed products A compact electrodynamic shaker, for pre-compliance vibration testing of small electronic boards. Facilities for breadboard testing from -30°C to +125°C.   Data acquisition HW and SW (National Instruments’ LabView). Various Microcontroller development tools. Electric circuits simulation tools: OrCAD PSpice ® A/D v16.6, LTspice. Circuit schematics entry: Mentor Graphics DxDesigner (and PADS Logic 9.5), OrCAD Capture v16.6. PCB Layout entry: Mentor Graphics PADS Layout 9.5. Magnetic field 3D FEA simulation tool: Field Precision Magnum 64. Mechanical    3D    CAD    tool:    3D    Systems,    with    Dynamics    and    FEMdesigner    (Finite    Elements    Analysis    package, including thermal analysis) add-ons. A   mini-lathe,   a   mini-milling   machine,   and   a   70um   resolution   3D   printer,   to   aid   in   quick   preliminary   prototyping   of small mechanical parts for early concepts verification.    
From Detailed Design and Project Documentation to actual HW and Embedded SW
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