Our Portfolio of Products and Services 
We   would   wish   to   be   more   specific,   but most   of   our   designs   and   services   in   this field     are     covered     by     Non     Disclosure Agreements    with    our    customers,    which include:    ASP    Equipment ,    OHB    Systems , SITAEL ,      and      C-MAC       (whose      space division is now part of API Tech). Our    designs    and    consultancies    in    the space   field   are   mainly   related   to   electronic controllers     and     switching     mode     power converters    for    mission    critical    functions, such   as   the   Electrical   Power   Bus   Voltage Regulation      function      of      the      on-board Energy      Conversion      and      Conditioning System.     Furthermore,     we     have     also developed     innovative     sensors     (current sensors    and    absolute    angular    position sensors)       suitable       for       the       Space Environment,    but    which    would    also    be suitable   in   Rugged   Terrestrial   applications (e.g. Railway Vehicles, Oil & Gas industry).
Custom Controllers & Sensors
C-Sigma s.r.l.      2015
Our    electronic    controllers    for    Railway applications     are     all     designed,     and thoroughly   tested,   in   conformity   with   the tough      requirements      of      EN      50155 (Railway         Applications:         Electronic Equipment used on rolling stock). C-Sigma   is   an   independent   supplier   of Electronic   Brake   Controllers   for   Railway Pneumatic   and   Electro-Hydraulic   Brake Equipments. At    C-Sigma    we    strongly    believe    that constant     innovation     is     the     key     to success.   We   therefore   take   special   pride in     our     patented     technique     for     the detection   of   defects   in   wheels,   bearings, tracks.    By    a    proprietary    processing    of jitter   on   speed   signals,   suitable   plots   are generated to highlight such defects.
For   niche   market   industrial   applications we    have    developed    various    types    of custom         controllers.         Based         on microcontrollers,   they   are   used   for   the PID       control       of       those       operating parameters   whose   accurate   regulation   is fundamental    in    a    variety    of    industrial processes,    e.g.    Voltage,    Temperature, and Pressure. Our    custom    controllers    are    available through        our        commercial        partner (industrial automation products): G9
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