1991     Patent EP0320341B1   Large Bandwidth open loop Hall Effect Current Sensor (while at ESA). 2002      Patent EP1213561B1   Bicycle   inclinometer   using   a   micro-accelerometer   and   speed   sensor   to   compute   instantaneous   road   gradient,   uphill power, altitude, frequency of pedalling. 2007      Patent EP1559625B1   Apparatus and method for detecting wheel-flats, axle bearings eccentricity and rail-track defects in a railway system. A   technique   for   processing   jitter   noise   on   signals   from   speed   sensors,   in   order   to:   -   detect   wheel   flats   -   monitor   axle bearings wear - detect rail tracks defects and misalignments - promptly detect derailments 2013      Patent EP2137665B1   A credit card size authentication token for secure remote banking, shopping, financial transactions. 2009      Patent US8729889B2    EP2389563 Method   and   apparatus   for   magnetic   contactless   measurement   of   angular   and   linear   positions.   Licensed   for   Space applications, but available for non-exclusive licensing for all other applications.  1990     The application of Arcjet propulsion systems for geostationary satellites AIAA-1990-2548 Joint Propulsion Conference, 26th, Orlando, FL, July 16-18. L. Ghislanzoni, C. Petagna, A. Trippi. 1991     Parallel Power Regulation of a Constant f ZVS-ZCS resonant push-pull Proc. European Space Power Conference, September 1991, L. Ghislanzoni. 1992      A New Zero Voltage and Zero Current Power-Switching Topology IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, vol 7 no 4, October 1992. A. H. Weinberg, L. Ghislanzoni. 1999      A DC Current Transformer for large Bandwidth and High CMR IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, vol 46 no 3, June 1999. L. Ghislanzoni, J. A. Carrasco. 2013      The INCAS Project: An Innovative Contact-less Angular Sensor. Proc.   Of   the   15 th    European   Space   Mechanisms   and   Tribology   Symposium.   L.Ghislanzoni,   A.   Di   Cintio,   M.   Solimando,   G. Parzianello .
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